Suggestions & Complaints

Labor Regulation

1. Is your business registered?
2. A work schedule is mandatory and needs to be visible for employees and Labor inspectors
3. The employer is obliged to have a personnel list
4. The employer has to keep an overtime register
5. Are the general provisions regarding working hours and rest periods observed?
6. The employer is obliged to pay overtime
7. The employer is obliged to provide pay slips
8. The employees are entitled to the minimum vacation days
9. The employer is obliged to pay at least the minimum wage

Safety ordinance

1. The workplace needs to have sufficient daylight and efficient artificial lighting
2. The workplace needs to be clean and must have sufficient toilets and urinals
3. Employees need to be protected against adverse influences of the weather and the workplace must be well ventilated
4. Measures must be taken to prevent the creation or distribution and removal of harmful or irritating vapors or gases or dust
5. Measures taken to prevent accidents and standard procedures to provide assistance in case of accidents are mandatory
6. Clean drinking water or other non-alcoholic beverages need to be readily available for employees free of charge

Prohibition of child Labor

1. Children must not be employed and it is forbidden for youthful persons to work between 19:00-7:00 am
2. Hazard work should not be performed by youthful peers

Employment of foreign employees

1. Does the employer have employment permits to employ foreigners?
2. Are the employees insured?

Horeca decree

1. Maximum working hours should not exceed 10 hours per day and 48 hours per week, other than by way of overtime or C.L.A