Suggestions & Complaints

Social Work is the professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning. If you are in need of some advice and assistance please visit the Department of Social Services. We will strive to assist you and provide guidance where possible.

Counseling services

  • Establish and maintain connections with external care organizations
  • Guide clients and advocate for clients
  • Assist persons in enriching and enhancing their quality of life
  • To prevent and minimize dysfunction
  • Encourage self-sufficiency
  • Assist clients with solving issues that they are experiencing and hopefully encourage positive change

Social Worker Assistance Process

  • Step 1- An intake with the client
  • Step 2- Assessing needs including risk assessment and develop a social report
  • Step 3- Develop a care plan that is signed upon agreement by the social worker and the client. Write referring letters for third parties involvement (client signs a consent form)
  • Step 4- Implement the care-plan and monitor it by making progress reports

Potential Clients

  • Individuals falling in the ‘vulnerable’ group categories (elderlies, young adults, unemployed persons, teenage moms, un-documented citizens, physically and mentally challenged)
  • Families (multi-problem families)
  • Groups (women, young adults for sustainable development)
  • NGO’s (structure the activities)
  • Persons on the Financial Aid list – bridging the gap between their material and immaterial aid
  • Persons in need of medical cards
  • Persons referred to us from our third-party caregivers